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Igor Levit | Part 4 Beethoven cycle
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Author: Lucerne Festival
The relative popularity of the Beethoven sonatas is also connected with their nicknames. No wonder that the Pathétique, Moonlight, Waldstein, Appassionata, and Tempest Sonatas rank so high in terms of familiarity. And yet these titles tell us nothing about the artistic value of the corresponding works. Among the quartet of four “nameless” sonatas with which Igor Levit concludes the 2019 Piano Festival is one of his great favorites: the D major Sonata, Op. 10, no. 3. Levit thinks that the first movement in itself is “incredibly captivating.” But it gets even better with the Largo e mesto second movement: “I don’t know of any slow movement that goes as deep as this one.” He finds the minuet to entail a bizarre combination of “humor and religious devotion,” and he considers the finale almost downright phenomenal: “It is total inwardness. When a finale already starts out with a question …” Whenever he has completed a Beethoven recital, Levit admits, he feels an irresistible impulse: “I wan
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