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Leonovich - Serenade for Solo Cello
Seeded by yuriyleonovich on 25 Dec 2019
Author: Yuriy Leonovich
0:00 Prelude 1:38 Capriccio sopra Don Juan 2:57 Danza ad infinitum 6:18 Siciliana 6:58 Cadenza 8:26 Finale I wrote the the Serenade in 2008. This work is comprised of 6 short movements, which take a humorous look at the life of a conservatory cellist. In the outer movements the cello imitates guitar strumming. The second movement expresses my feelings toward the first 2 pages of the Don Juan cello excerpt. The third movement is a 5/8 dance that is sure to be stuck in the audience's heads. The fourth movement is a Siciliana based on a tone row provided by the Tanglewood audition committee. I guess they wanted to see what the candidates could do with it. The fifth movement is a cadenza from one of my cello concertos that I really wanted to play on a solo recital. The score is available for sale at Sheet Music Plus: Venue: Fellowship Bible Church, Greenville, SC Microphones: Schoeps MK4 in ORTF Recorder: Zoom F8n Camera: Sony AX33 4K Handycam® wi
Artist: Yuriy Leonovich