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QuaRENtine Creations - Episode 3: Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Seeded by iecontent2 on 21 Mar 2020
Author: Renaissance Theatre
In Episode 3: Every Rose Has Its Thorn, we feature a performance from local actresses and stars of Rock of Ages, Matti-Lynn Chrisman and Leiah Lewis, singing Every Rose Has Its Thor. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely heavily on ticket revenue to support over 60% of our operations, so we do not take the decision to cancel or postpone performances lightly. There is no doubt that the cancellation of this month’s performances will put significant financial strain on the Renaissance. In addition, as a professional producer, orchestra, and venue, the effect of changing our schedule is far-reaching: the cancellation of just the two weekends listed above represents the loss of a paycheck for 89 performing artists. We created this series of videos called QuaRENtine Creations to continue to engage, educate and inspire our community... even in quarantine, so consider donating or finding a way to continue to support the Ren, the arts, and your community. To support the Ren and the loca