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NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra - Liszt "Les preludes"
Seeded by davidie on 24 Mar 2020
Author: New England Conservatory
While we can't connect in our usual ways right now, we won't stop making music. There is beauty, community, and optimism inherent in making music, even in these challenging times. We look forward to continuing to share that with you in the coming days. Today, we invite you to listen to Franz Liszt’s “Les preludes” performed by NEC’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (YPO) last month. “If we just listen to Liszt’s music, we find a wide range of emotions and experiences: doubt, love, contentment, struggle, triumph and more. I hope you’re inspired, as I am, by the talent and commitment that our YPO students brought to this performance.” —David Loebel, YPO Conductor