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#NECMusicHub: Jacob, Henry, Eli, and Xavier play Schumann's String Quartet No. 3, Movement 2
Seeded by davidie on 6 May 2020
Author: New England Conservatory
“It’s hard to motivate yourself right now, but remember that this will eventually end, and once it does, everything you love about music will be available again. Set a goal so you have something to work towards. Experiment with your sound or try something new. Enjoy playing without the stress of performance. Remember that if you practice hard, your mind will be off the current events. Motivate yourself for that time in the future when we can play together again. Never give up.” —Jacob, Henry, Eli, and Xavier This NEC Prep string quartet found a new way to play together, and keep each other inspired! Here, they share Robert Schumann's String Quartet No. 3, Movement 2. They are coached by Maggie Cerjan in NEC's Preparatory School. ——— Follow our new #NECMusicHub series to hear NEC musicians reach across distance and difficulty to help bring us together: NEC community: share your video! While we c