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Sounds of DePauw: Union Building
Seeded by depauw on 7 May 2020
Author: DePauw School of Music
Originally intended to be broadcast live on campus, the sound installation entitled “Sounds of DePauw” will now allow students, staff, and faculty of DePauw University to listen to recordings of familiar spaces at DePauw that they can no longer enter as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The members of our group value creating a piece of art based on the DePauw community. This project is meant to make people more aware of the sounds around them and encourage people to consider how “background” sounds affect their lives. Whether you’re using this video to reminisce, help you focus while studying for finals, connect with each other, or relax, we thank you for listening. Created by John Cotton ‘20, Abigail Foehrkolb ‘21, Noelle Johnson ‘20, Melanie Roma ‘20, and Patricia Schuelke ‘20 Special thanks to Dr. Eliza Brown and Steven Linville