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Ran Blake and NEC Jazz Orchestra: Magic Row | Blues for Gunther
Seeded by davidie on 12 May 2020
Author: New England Conservatory
Pianist Ran Blake joins Ken Schaphorst and the NEC Jazz Orchestra for a performance of his own "Magic Row" blended with Ken Schaphorst's "Blues for Gunther." Both works are dedicated to and inspired by Gunther Schuller, the composer, conductor, jazz educator, author, and musical visionary who served as New England Conservatory president from 1967-1977, and founded NEC's seminal jazz studies program in 1969. This concert, which took place in NEC's Jordan Hall on December 5th, 2019, was the third in a series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the program. Joining the band for "Magic Row | Blues for Gunther" is drummer/composer and NEC alumnus George Schuller, Gunther's son. In "Magic Row" Ran Blake channels Gunther Schuller's deep belief in the 12-tone or serial technique of composition. Schuller often explained how early in his composing career he had chanced upon a seemingly "magic" 12-tone row which offered him a virtually endless source of melodic inspiration and jazz-like harmonic