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Intro: RAVEL Quartet in F major
Seeded by iecontent1 on 13 May 2020
Author: Curtis Institute of Music
Ravel’s sole string quartet was a product of his time at Paris Conservatoire and was dedicated to his beloved teacher, Gabriel Fauré. It was premiered in 1904 and met with mixed reviews, but Claude Debussy sent a note of encouragement to the young composer: “In the name of the gods of music, and in mine, do not touch a single note of what you have written in your quartet.” Ravel’s string quartet can be considered a reaction to Debussy’s own string quartet that was written nearly a decade earlier. The piece builds upon Debussy’s “Impressionist” qualities and vibrant tone colors, while also embracing classical form and tradition. The outer two movements follow standard sonata form, while the inner two movements exhibit an exotic and improvisatory flair. Ravel’s first major work is a delight for its audience, from its lush opening chords to its joyous conclusion. —Hannah Horine Watch the full performance: #CurtisIsHere