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#NECMusicHub: Brooke Dircks ’17, ’19 MM, ’20 GD, Rachmaninoff's "Spring Waters" Op. 14, No. 11
Seeded by davidie on 13 May 2020
Author: New England Conservatory
"This piece is all about the better days to come: winter’s snow melts, becoming sparkling streams. The whole world breathes a sigh of relief for spring is finally coming after a cold, harsh winter. This song was an absolute joy to sing." —Brooke Dircks ’17, ’19 MM, ’20 GD As the sun peeks through clouds in Boston and shines on the tulips, celebrate hope and spring with Brooke Dircks, accompanied by NEC faculty Brian Moll at the piano. ——— Follow our new #NECMusicHub series to hear NEC musicians reach across distance and difficulty to help bring us together: NEC community: share your video! While we can't connect in person right now, we won't stop making music. There is beauty, community, and optimism inherent in making music, even in these challenging times.