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The Midweek Maestro Message #6 - Conducting from Memory - Part 2
Seeded by vsotx on 14 May 2020
Author: VictoriaSymphonyOrch
This is video #6 of the "Midweek Maestro Message" on "Conducting from Memory". Last week we presented Part 1 which was a short, slightly humorous introduction to the subject. This week's video is the real nitty gritty so if you're really interested in one conductor's method of committing a score to memory, than this is the place. This video is almost 30' long but there is an intermission point to pause if you want to come back. This was done for the layman to get a grasp on the subject and not necessarily for musicians! The "Midweek Maestro Message" (M3) is a video series about musical and non-musical topics presented each Wednesday during our shelter-in-place period as a way to provide VSO patrons and fans some information on topics related to conducting, the orchestra, and more. We also provide the "VSO Viral Video" (V3) series released every Monday featuring the principal players of the VSO giving personal messages and short solo performances and the "Solo Shorts" (S2) series
Presenter: Victoria Symphony