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Midweek Maestro Message #7 - How to Plan a Symphony Program
Seeded by vsotx on 21 May 2020
Author: VictoriaSymphonyOrch
This is Midweek Maestro Message #7 with another two-parter about "How to Plan a Symphony Program". I am often asked, "how do you choose what piece to play?" This little video primer will talk about the criteria needed to decide on a balanced program and set up the parameters to program for a fictional orchestra. Part 2 will explore resources that make this job easier and then will walk you through creating a program for our fictional orchestra. The "Midweek Maestro Message" (M3) is a spin-off from the Victoria Symphony Orchestra's "VSO Viral Video" (V3) series. It's a middle-of-the-week Wednesday video offering presented by Music Director Darryl One on both musical and non-musical topics. VSO Viral Videos (V3) is a presentation of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra featuring Music Director Darryl One and members of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra in casual conversation and short performance. Members of the VSO give their best wishes and a short personal performance along with an
Presenter: Victoria Symphony