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Wei Luo / Neikrug's Poems
Seeded by gilmorekeyboardfestival on 26 Sep 2020
Author: Gilmore Keyboard Festival
Wei Luo performing Marc Neikrug's Poems for the 2019-2020 Virtual Rising Stars Series on January 19, 2019. This piece was commissioned using the grant money from Luo's 2018 Gilmore Young Artist award. [0:15] I. Dreamscape [3:10] II. That Which Flows [5:18] III. A Way Away This recording was made live in the Wellspring Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan as part of The Gilmore's Rising Stars Recital Series. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Audio engineering by Doug Decker Sign up for our email list to learn more about upcoming events: Subscribe to stay up to date on our latest live streams, interviews, and concert dates.