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H. PURCELL From rosy bow'rs (from "Don Quixote") - Radoslava VorgicĀ“ and New Trinity Baroque
Seeded by newtrinitybaroque on 6 Nov 2020
Author: New Trinity Baroque
Serbian Soprano Radoslava Vorgic sings Henry Purcell's last song "From rosy bow'rs", from "The Comical History of Don Quixote", Z.578, set in 1694-95. New Trinity Baroque members Srdjan Stanic and Predrag Gosta accompany on viol and chamber organ/harpsichord. This performance was part of the concert presented in September of 2019 at the Novi Sad Chamber Music Festival. CHAPTERS and LYRICS (by Thomas D'Urfey, 1653-1723): 00:00 From rosy bow'rs where sleeps the god of Love, Hither, ye little waiting Cupids, fly: Teach me in soft, melodious songs to move, With tender passion, my heart's darling joy. Ah! let the soul of music tune my voice, To win dear Strephon, who my soul enjoys. 01:45 Or if more influencing Is to be brisk and airy, With a step and a bound, And a frisk from the ground, I will trip like any fairy. As once on Ida dancing, Were three celestial bodies, With an air and a face, And a shape, and a grace, Let me charm like Beauty's goddess. 02:23 Ah! 'tis all in vain, Death
Conductor: Predrag Gosta
Presenter: Early Music Network