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LEGRENZI Lumi, potete piangere - Ana Torbica and Tara Venkatesan, with New Trinity Baroque
Seeded by newtrinitybaroque on 6 Nov 2020
Author: New Trinity Baroque
Amazing duetto "Lumi, potete piangere" from the third act of dramma per musica "La divisione del mondo" by Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690), on libretto by Giulio Cesare Corradi (premiered in Venice on the 4th of February 1675). Performed by sopranos Ana Torbica and Tara Venkatesan in Belgrade on 29 September 2020, with the members of New Trinity Baroque, during XV Belgrade Early Music Festival and as part of XV Belgrade Baroque Academy. LYRICS (Venere): Lumi, potete piangere, non riderete piĆ¹. Il cor, che lieto fu nel duol si sente a frangere. Lumi, potete piangere. TRANSLATION (Venus): Eyes, you can cry, you don't laugh anymore. The heart which used to be happy in grief feels it heartbroken. Eyes, you can cry. PERFORMERS: Soprano soloists: Ana Torbica and Tara Venkatesan Viola da Gamba: Srdjan Stanic Chitarrone: Darko Karajic Organo di legno: Predrag Gosta Thank you for visiting our channel. If you liked this video, we would very much appreciate if you give us thumbs up, as well as
Conductor: Predrag Gosta
Presenter: Early Music Network