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Why Are You Painting? A Virtual Exhibition Presented by the Honolulu Museum of Art School
Seeded by honolulumoa on 15 Nov 2020
Author: Honolulu Museum of Art
Why Are You Painting? Opening November 13 online at Why Are You Painting? is a virtual survey exhibition of 21 contemporary U.S.-based painters across three states; Hawai?i, New York and California. Curators Reem Bassous, Jan Dickey and Alina Kawai made their selections with the intent to explore why American contemporary artists continue to engage with the traditional and analog art form of painting in the year 2020. Each curator selected seven artists, from their respective home base (either Hawai‘i, East Coast, or West Coast), to create a painted work that aligns with their current practice while answering the question, “why are you painting?” These 21 paintings, paired with 21 statements, make up a dynamic and self-reflective exhibition. This survey format creates a side-by-side comparison of the painting practices of artists across the country, while uniting them through the choice of a single medium