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Musical Storytime with Arizona Opera: The Great Poochini by Gary Clement
Seeded by arizonaopera on 25 Nov 2020
Author: Arizona Opera
By day Signor Poochini is a dog, lying peacefully in his master’s living room and listening to music. But by night he is the Great Poochini, the most acclaimed singer in all opera — dog opera that is. One evening, when Poochini is ready to leave home and the opera hall is filling with dogs excitedly awaiting his performance, Poochini’s master leaves the window locked, and Poochini cannot get out. He is in despair, until suddenly a cat burglar appears, and what might have been a disaster becomes an opportunity. Performed By: Diana Olivares, Education Teaching Artist and Chia-Chun Ko, Pianist Behind the Scenes: Tiezheng Shen, Recording Engineer (piano) Starting Friday, September 25, 2020 through December, we will be releasing a new musical story every two weeks! Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email list to enjoy each unique musical story. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Ensemble: Arizona Opera