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Episode 5: The Festival Effect
Seeded by arizonaopera on 27 Apr 2021
Author: Arizona Opera
There are few performing arts events that capture the imagination as much as the “music festival.” Pop music festivals—and opera festivals alike!—ignite the senses, from the excitement of experiencing a broad range of artists, to the opportunity to bond socially with fellow cultural thrill-seekers. In this episode of UnMic’d, host Joe Specter is joined by David Devan, General Director of Opera Philadelphia and Festival O20, and David Beame, Vice President of Global Events & Experiences for Global Citizen, and partner at the entertainment law firm of Beame & Mencher LLP. Join Arizona Opera, as David Devan and David Beame discuss with Joe the magic of the festival experience, and the mission driven focus of their organizations. What possesses someone to take on the mammoth challenge of running these complex festivals, what are the greatest rewards, and what is the future of the festival as we emerge from the pandemic? Come with us to learn how Global Citizen and Opera Philadelphia thi
Ensemble: Arizona Opera