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Changes for guitar by Elliott Carter
Seeded by prattincole on 25 Jun 2009
Author: Prattincole
Played by Tom McKinney. Changes was written by Carter in 1983 for David Starobin, and it's strangely underplayed over here in Britain, especially considering the composer's status. Such a brilliant piece deserves way more performances than it currently gets. Come on guitarists - it's not all about Bach and Barrios. Only when united as one can we fight the power! Geek stuff: The guitar is by Paul Fischer with D'Addario EXP high tension strings. It was recorded in a room the size of a shoe box (a child's shoe) with a Rode NT1 and an AKG c1000s mic. MBox2 interface. Made to sound almost respectable with Pro Tools LE 8. The uploaded quality isn't as good as I'd have liked, but the original high quality sound file is about 45 billion GB in size, and would have taken approximately seven years to upload. At least. And remember kids, don't smoke pot or listen to Finnish satanic black metal. Or you'll end up like Captain Ahab who thought he was a whal