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Sonata da Chroma III Apollinaire
Seeded by geoffreygordoncomposer on 11 Nov 2009
Author: LCMArtistsManagement
Apollinaire is the third movement of Geoffrey Gordon's chamber work, Sonata da Chroma, a three movement work for oboe, clarinet, harpsichord, cello and percussion. This is a performance from the Composers Conference at Wellesley, under the direction of Mario Davidovsky, July, 2000. Program notes follow: PROGRAM NOTES: Sonata da chroma is modeled, somewhat freely, after the sonata da camera of the Baroque era. Like that early instrumental chamber music form, this Sonata consists of several movements of contrasting tempos and textures. The instrumentation follows a similar construction: two treble instruments (here an oboe and a clarinet), a low string instrument (basso continuo, often doubled on violoncello; here cello alone), and harpsichord. In a nod to the modern era, the composer has added one percussion. Unlike the sonata da camera, this work is not modeled on dance rhythms, but rather takes inspiration from the visual arts (hence "chroma"). The first and third movements