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Fallen Eve: I. Reveille
Seeded by geoffreygordoncomposer on 5 Jan 2010
Author: LCMArtistsManagement
This is the first movement from Geoffrey Gordon's chamber vocal work, Fallen Eve (five songs after Hughes), in a performance by the Center for New Music ensemble at the University of Iowa, under the direction of David Gompper and featuring guest artist, mezzo soprano Ann Cravero. The performance dates from December 6, 2009. I. Reveille No, the serpent was not One of Gods ordinary creatures. Where did he creep from, This legless land-swimmer with a purpose? Adam and lovely Eve Deep in the first dream Each the everlasting Holy One of the other Woke with cries of pain. Each clutched a throbbing wound-- A sudden, cruel bite. The serpents head, small and still, Smiled under the lilies. Behind him, his coils Had crushed all Edens orchards. And out beyond Eden The black, thickening river of his body Glittered in giant loops Around desert mountains and away Over the ashes of the future.