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Fallen Eve: V. Fallen Eve
Seeded by geoffreygordoncomposer on 11 Jan 2010
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This is the fifth movement from Geoffrey Gordon's chamber vocal work, Fallen Eve (five songs after Hughes), in a performance by the Center for New Music ensemble at the University of Iowa, under the direction of David Gompper and featuring guest artist, mezzo soprano Ann Cravero. The performance dates from December 6, 2009. V. Fallen Eve My mouth is the despair of God Formed only for men. The serpent remains earthen, brutishly-veined, Rooted in crevices, living on flies and men -- The serpent that should have strangled me And then eaten itself. I sing, stamping the grueling drum-beats To renew fallen men. Love is weak to protect as webs. In April my body begins to frighten me And my sleep fills with weeping-- Again and again the forced grave of men.