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Mark O'Connor's String Quartet No. 3 (2nd Mvmt) w. Kavafian/Neubauer/Haimovitz
Seeded by markoconnor on 20 May 2010
Author: markoconnor
Mark O'Connor, Ida Kavafian, Paul Neubauer and Matt Haimovitz perform Mark O'Connors String Quartet No. 3 (2nd Mvmt) For more information on Mark O'Connor, String Camps, The O'Connor Method, ensembles, repertoire, sheet music and more, please visit For More YouTubes of Mark O'Connor's music:!/markoconnor35 "This is what Dvorak meant, I have to believe nobody has carried his wishes out better than this." -WQUB Radio, Illinois "The music has been compared with what might happen if Bartók had taken up some American traditions. The comparison is useful... This album represents a major addition to the repertory of American chamber music." -All Music Guide "His deft combination of folk, classical, and jazz constantly pushes the polyphonic potential of four strings; last month's String Quartets No.'s 2 & 3 reintroduces the bluegrass roots of h