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Mark O'Connor's String Quartet No. 3 (3rd Mvmt) w. Kavafian/Neubauer/Haimovitz
Seeded by markoconnor on 20 May 2010
Author: markoconnor
Mark O'Connor's String Quartet No. 3 Mvmt III. Fiddlers to classical violinists and pretty much any one else interested in virtuoso string performance will be thrilled by this new CD... the entire ensemble is so in touch with each other, the music is a unified front... When Mark chose to work with Ida Kavafian, Paul Neubauer and Matt Haimovitz, he obviously opted to work with musicians of such a caliber to create not a collection of solo performances, but a unified ensemble which perfectly matches his music. -Interchanging Idioms; Instant Encore I try to not have "CD's of the week" that focus on one artist (composer) too close together but can I help it that Mark O'Connor is doing so much great work? Ida Kavafian, Paul Neubauer and Matt Haimovitz? Are you kidding me? This is a great CD! It's the CD of the Week this Sunday (June 21st). - KBAQ, Arizona For more information on Mark O'Connor, String Camps, The O'Connor Method, ensembles, repertoire, sheet music and more, please visi