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Leila Josefowicz - Bruch 1st Violin Concerto (part 1)
Seeded by ross on 6 Jun 2008
Author: Oxy151268
First of all, I'm sorry I had to split this into 4 parts. I don't think the orchestra stops playing throughout the piece, which made me wonder when a movement had ended. I'm assuming that part 2 is the start of the 2nd movement, and part 3, the third, which I've had to split due to being over 10 mins. I apologize for the really annoying Proms writing at the top right hand corner. It's cos I wasn't there to press 'back up' to get rid of it damn it! Anyway, despite all this, I wanted to upload this cos I think it's a really good performance. Hope you enjoy it!
Work: Bruch: Concerto for Violin no 1 in G minor, Op. 26
I - Vorspiel: Allegro moderato
Composer: Max Bruch
Conductor: Gerard Schwarz
Presenter: BBC Proms
Instrument: Violin
Form/Genre: Concerto
Period: Romantic
Festival: BBC Proms