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Blues (Live) -- art rock violin music -- Diana Netchaeva VS Clapton - Knopfler
Seeded by diananetchaeva on 23 Jul 2010
Hi, if you love good violin music, listen to Diana Netchaeva! The music you are offered here is what only the ardent violin strings can bear. Welcome to feel the art-rock style and take a sip of the passionate violin cocktail! Soundcloud: Facebook: MySpace: Reverbnation: Album «Violin on Fire» Awesome Instrumental rock Genre: Rock / Progressive Rock / Art Rock Sub Genre: Instrumental Tracklist 1. Thunder 2. No Love 3. Rage 4. Light Magic 5. Violin on Fire 6. Drum Line 7. East & West 8. Blues 9. Earth Pain 10. I`m getting stronger 11. Country 12. WorkShop 13. Aggressive Album «Violin on Fire» available for purchase on itunes and most internet stores (links located below): ITunes: Amazon:
Composer: Andrey Kontsur
Artist: Diana Netchaeva
Instrument: Bass ; Guitar ; Violin ; Drums ; Keyboard
Venue: Bilingua Club