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Frank Martin plays Piano Preludes 5-7
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Author: WatchBlueSkies
FRANK MARTIN interpretes OWN WORKS: playing Preludes pour le piano 5-7 Prelude Nr. 5 : Vivace , Nr. 6 : Andantino grazioso Nr. 7 : Lento ---- Very rare Vinyl LP Stereo 1966-67. Recorded and played on my Pro-Ject P 6.1 Turntable with a Grado Prestige Silver Cartridge Phono MM (Moving Magnet) System recorded into High Quality Wave (32Bit) and converted into Avi compatible Wave PCM (44Khz 16Bit)
Work: Martin: Preludes (8) for Piano
Composer: Frank Martin
Instrument: Piano
Form/Genre: Prelude
Period: 20th Century