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Amos Elkana | Hommage à György Ligeti (2007)
Seeded by aszu on 1 Oct 2010
Author: amoselkana
Recorded on November 21, 2008 in Berlin by the Konzerthaus orchestra conducted by Ferenc Gabor This piece is composed for the same exact instrumentation as Ligeti's own Chamber Concerto. I have always admired Gyorgy Ligeti. I spent many hours studying his music and especially his Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists. Ligeti died while I was working on this piece and I decided to make this work my homage to him. Hommage à Ligeti was composed using a compositional method that is inspired by the idea of Fractals. A series of four numbers (5,6,4,4) dictate the micro and macro structure of the work. This method of composition can organize not only the structure of a piece but also its pitch material, rhythmic material and more but, even if strictly applied, it leaves much room for intuition on the part of the composer.