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Rush by Matthew Hindson
Seeded by glushkin on 9 Nov 2010
Author: SaveAsMusic
Programme Notes Contemporary Australian composers have the opportunity to learn from and be influenced by a wealth of musical styles that have passed before them. Matthew Hindson's Rush is one such piece that, while containing a mixture of these musical characteristics, in turn displays its own style unique to the composer. Although it may not be apparent upon its first hearing, Hindson has used as a starting point for Rush the music of Felix Mendelssohn. The fast and technically challenging passages found in the final movement of the Mendelssohn String Octet influenced Hindson's decision to compose a work that is highly virtuosic in nature. The composer remarks, "it is much more the spirit of Mendelssohn's string writing that was influential, particularly the last movements of his string quartets and the String Octet, rather than any sort of harmony or melodic invention." In addition to the influence of Mendelssohn, Matthew Hindson has also found inspiration in the popular musi