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Sarasate - Navarra for Two Violins
Seeded by valeridomini on 16 Nov 2010
Author: jungkim2020
During La Jolla Music Society's 2010 SummerFest "Under the Stars" concert - 2010.08.04 Violins: David Coucheron & Valerie Kim Piano: Julie Coucheron David Coucheron is the newly appointed Concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and Julie Coucheron is his pianist sister. Valerie had just returned home from the 6-week Perlman Foundation summer program, and the three of them met and rehearsed for the first time just two days before the concert. They hit it off right away.
Work: Sarasate: Navarra, Op. 33
Composer: Pablo de Sarasate
Instrument: Piano ; Violin
Period: Romantic
Festival: La Jolla Music Society