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Ormandy Conducts Holst: The Planets and Debussy: La Mer
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Author: NaxosUSA
This DVD pays tribute to a representative of the famous conductor personalities of the last century: Eugene Ormandy (1899-1985), who was both energetic and graceful on the podium, was known for his infallible ear and prodigious memory. He became famous for his relationship with the Philadelphia Orchestra, which he served as Musical Director from 1936 until 1980. Under his direction, the orchestra developed its legendary warm, textured, romantic "Philadelphia" or "Ormandy" Sound. Claude Debussy (1862--1918) and Gustav Holst (1874--1934) belonged to a generation of composers that influenced the musical output of the early champions of modernism. Debussy began working on La Mer in September 1903 and the work received its first performance in Paris in 1905. Bound up with the art of the three painters whom Debussy admired above all others - Turner, Monet and Hokusai - it best represents Debussy's working method: whereas a painting can reproduce the effects of light only statically, music ca
Work: Holst: The Planets, Op. 32/H 125
Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
Conductor: Eugene Ormandy
Period: 20th Century