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The World According to Gunther Schuller
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Author: JazzVideoGuy
The truly gifted composer, conductor, arranger, performer and friend, at work creating the Birth of the Cool Suite for Joe Lovano's Blue Note CD, Streams of Expression. It seems safe to say that at this stage in his life and career, Gunther Schuller represents, for countless musicians, concertgoers, and record buyers around the world, American music making at its best, almost as much as Leonard Bernstein did a half century earlier. He is composer, conductor, horn player, jazz performer, writer, administrator, publisher, and teacher, all wrapped up into one tidy bundle of seemingly endless energy. Like American music itself, however, Schuller has not always steered clear of controversy -- the very masses that admire him have sometimes been baffled by his uncompromising attitudes and blunt statements. His father played violin in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for many decades, and it was he who oversaw Schuller's early training. Schuller mastered the French horn with remarkab
Composer: Gunther Schuller
Artist: Joe Lovano