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Elizabeth Pitcairn-Barber Violin Concerto-3rd Movement, TOCCATA 9-17-10
Seeded by elizabethpitcairn on 6 Dec 2010
Author: paulguttman
Famed violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn with "Red Mendelssohn" Stradivarius (1721) plays Op. 14 Samuel Barber Violin Concerto 3rd movement with TOCCATA Tahoe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, James Rawie, Conducting. Concert Master Virginia Bowman plays the EL Weigand UNR Stradivarius (1720). Two Strads of same vintage in the same concert, a very rare event indeed! Donna Axton, pianist, expertly provides the accompaniment. The Third Movement a perpetuum mobile, exploits the more brilliant and virtuosic character of the violin. Performed at the Trinity Episcopal Church, Reno, Nevada on 09-17-2010