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Youtube Symphony Orchestra - Solo audition (electronic) | "Mothership" (rhythmic) by Anamkhaï
Seeded by Unknown on 22 Dec 2010
Author: anamkhai
Greetings ! This is my video for the Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011 Contest. The rules are to improve with the classical orchestra when the green "play" icon is on. My name is Alexander Whitener aka Anamkhaï, I am an acoustic and electronic music producer from France. It took me two days to design each sounds manually and assign all the controllers needed. Some parameters are controlled with a pedal that you can't see on the video. I programmed a few things that could simply not be played all at once by one person : the walking bass added was programmed then triggered by pressing one key every 4 bars to follow the small tempo variations. The computer is generating all the sounds, all keyboards are controllers. The orchestra on the video is the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas playing a piece by Mason Bates (link to original video : )
Composer: Mason Bates