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Melodie de Orfeo, Abram Chasin's Transcription, Performed By Abbey Simon
Seeded by terenceyung on 13 Jan 2011
Author: sparkle1272001
Originally composed by C.W. von Gluck, this version was transcribed by Abram Chasins and performed by Abbey Simon. I enjoyed this version better over Sgambati's mostly because Chasins's transcription had octaves and 12th note stretches, which made the piece more robust. It also had some interesting chords and cross-chords, which made it a little more tuneful and melodic, while still conveying it's solemn mood. The Sgambati transcription had a lot of third chords which ran repeatedly from right hand to left hand, back and forth, which made it rather tiresome, monotonous and boring to play. I hope you all enjoy this rare recording of Chasins's beautifully transcribed version, and try out the piece if you get the chance to. Cheers!
Artist: Abbey Simon