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The39Bus presents: Criers tackling An Andean Walkabout
Seeded by afarcry on 4 Feb 2011
Author: violafisher
We teamed up with a brilliant, local JP writer (Mary Lincoln) & an Emmy winning producer & editor (Debbie Dorsey) of Cambridge Studios and started filming for a new kind of "Webisode" to show more of the candid workings of A Far Cry. Check out the first of its installments, which actually ended up turning out to be more of a promo video for our upcoming concerts this weekend & our impending tour next week through Colorado & Florida. We are thrilled at the attention & the expert skills of our new friends. Please re-post the video as much as you like & can & please keep referring all your friends and family to the new YouTube Channel, The39Bus. Hope to see you all at our concerts this weekend & next week and hoping that everyone is staying warm amidst the "When is it gonna stop!!" snow storms.
Ensemble: A Far Cry