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Object Metamorphosis
Seeded by BiggsComposer37 on 21 Feb 2011
Author: Christopher Biggs
Object Metamorphosis is a composition for wind symphony and digital audio based on a work of art by Jorge Garcia Almodovar entitled Black Modules (pictured below on the right wall). Alomodovar’s work consists of ten identically sized and shaped, black, rectangular modules. The sides of each three-dimensional module are either entirely or partially hidden, depending on the perspective of the viewer, and each side is a colored, reflective surface. My interpretation of Almodovar’s work influenced the music in terms of the composition’s fundamental pitch structure and proportions. I grouped the ten modules into six segments. Each segment has its own section of music associated with it. These segments were mapped to a pitch progression (G-F-G-F-B-G) and proportional durations (3-2-3-2-4-2). Both the pitch sequence and durational pattern operate on various structural levels—global, sectional, and local. This is a fractal process: Almodovar noted fractal structures as an infl