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la tristesse durera toujours
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Geoffrey Gordon's chamber/vocal work after the letters of Vincent Van Gogh, in a performance by French new music group, Ensemble Aleph, at the Theatre Dunois, Paris, 25 May 2004. PROGRAM NOTE: Among the literally thousands of letters written by Vincent Van Gogh during his lifetime--and as a group they provide an unprecedented portrait of his life and state of mind--are a series written to his brother, Theo, during the last two years of his life, 1888-1890. Although Dutch by birth, and despite having written the vast majority of his correspondence in his native language, Van Gogh chose to write these letters in French. And what French. Poetic, quirky and expressive, these letters, in this language, at this time in his troubled, productive, tortured and beautiful life, form an astonishing window into genius and humanity. I have surveyed these letters, stripped out admittedly utterly subjective fragments, and thereby created the libretto for la tristesse durera toujours. (The tit