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A Far Cry - Richard Cornell: New Fantasias (World Premiere, 2010)
Seeded by afarcry on 31 Mar 2011
Author: violafisher
This world premiere of "New Fantasias" by the Boston composer, Richard Cornell was written for A Far Cry. Recorded from our 2010-2011 season opener at NEC's Jordan Hall, titled "Primordial Darkness". Sarah Darling, one of our fine violists had a chance to sit down with the composer for a little session of Q&A about the piece: "New Fantasias" - what elements of the fantasia were important to you in writing these pieces? And how are they made "new?" In many pieces called "Fantasia" there are quixotic transformations of affect. An idea may recur, or yield to the next. Things may relate but not in an obvious way, and as the composer gives ideas free rein it seems anything can happen. There is a sense of free play and exploration. When I began composing in the 1970s, I used to write "fantasias" frequently along these lines, but I have not for years. While useful for me to write, some of those works now strike me as incoherent in form though I am still attracted to the ideas within
Composer: Richard Cornell
Ensemble: A Far Cry