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A Far Cry: The Next Wave in Music - a conversation with Osvaldo Golijov
Seeded by afarcry on 11 May 2011
Author: violafisher
A Far Cry violinist, Liza Zurlinden and violist, Jason Fisher, met with Composer Osvaldo Golijov, listened to a recording of their performance of Golijov's "Tenebrae" and discussed the piece. Grammy award-winning composer, Osvaldo Golijov, is world renowned. Alex Ross of the New Yorker: "His works arouse extraordinary enthusiasm in audiences, because they revive music's elemental powers: they have rhythms that rock the body into motion and melodies that linger in the mind." ( A Far Cry, the 2010-11 season Chamber Orchestra In Residence at the prestigious Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, was founded in 2007 by 17 young musicians committed to making music according to their own rules. This groundbreaking, self-conducted string orchestra has enjoyed a steady ascent toward the highest ranks of today's next wave of classical ensembles ( A Far Cry performed on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum concert series in Boston, Massachusetts
Composer: Osvaldo Golijov ; Stewart
Ensemble: A Far Cry