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Svadebka!.English subtitles atv.m4v
Seeded by theoverbey on 6 Jun 2011
Author: TheoVerbey
A unique outdoor performance of Stravinsky's Svadebka! (the Village Wedding). The version with the instrumentation: 2 cimbaloms, harmonium, pianola, and percussion which artistic leader Peppie Wiersma wanted to perform was incomplete. Theo Verbey received permission from Stravinsky's heirs to finish the orchestration of the 3rd and 4th tableaux in the style of Stravinsky. Item direction: Barbara van Waveren, Camera: Tim Meertens, Editing: Erik Urlings, Production: Sitefilms, Subtitles: E.J. Stevens
Work: Stravinsky: Les noces
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Arranger: Theo Verbey
Ensemble: Capella Amsterdam
Presenter: Peppie Wiersma
Miscellaneous: Marc Pantus
Form/Genre: Ballet
Period: 20th Century
Festival: Grachtenfestival