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Händel: Love in her eyes sits playing (Acis and Galatea)
Seeded by charlesworkman on 24 Jun 2011
Author: carosaxone
Dear Youtube User If you are the COPYRIGHT OWNER of this performance I kindly ask you to first contact me requesting to delete the video but avoiding to fill a complaint to YouTube administration and I WILL DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. It is in fact impossible for me to know if some of my videos constitute copyright infringement because all the material I uploaded is the result of TV recording and passion for the music. I uploaded the video just to promote the music I love. I don't want problems with anybody and I never intended to break the copyright law. Thanks for your understanding CAROSAXONE ------------------------------------- Georg Friedrich Händel Acis and Galatea (HWV 49) from The Royal Opera House Channel: BBC 4 (via DVB-T) Date & Time: 22nd May 2009 Galatea Danielle de Niese (danced by Lauren Cuthbertson) Acis Charles Workman (danced by Edward Watson) Polyphemus Matthew Rose (danced by Eric Underwood) Damon Paul Agnew (danced y Melissa Ham