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Incredible Strings - Mark O'Connor/ Berklee Summer String Program
Seeded by markoconnor on 1 Aug 2011
Author: markoconnor * The 2011 Mark O'Connor / Berklee Summer String Program! Watch clips from the faculty finale showcase: Featuring: Mark O'Connor, Brad Phillips, Angella Ahn, Shane Cook, Daniel Carwile, Matt Glaser, Martin Hayes, Jeremy Kittel, Mimi Rabson, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Tracy Silverman, Melissa Howe, David Wallace, Eugene Friesen, Nat Smith, & Dave Hollender. For more information on the camp, or the O'Connor Method visit and Note: This performance took place on July 1, 2011 in Boston, MA For more information on Mark O'Connor, String Camps, The O'Connor Method, ensembles, repertoire, sheet music and more, please visit For More YouTubes of Mark O'Connor's music:!/markoconnor35