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Mark O'Connor's Double Violin Concerto (excerpt) Berklee College Orchestra
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Mark O'Connor's Double Violin Concerto (Mvmt I excerpt) Berklee College Orchestra; violin soloists - Mark O'Connor and Berklee student Juigi Kang When Mark O'Connor and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg premiered his "Double Violin Concerto" with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2000, the Chicago Sun-Times described the incredible evening: "The Nutcracker Suite' dancing through warm summer air, a double violin concerto that prompted the kind of mid-performance applause usually heard in a jazz club. The mood definitely was looser than usual at Saturday night's Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert" Written in 1997, and recorded live in 2003 in Denver's Boettcher Hall, the Double Violin Concerto is Mark O'Connor at his genre bending finest. Under the baton of Maestra Marin Alsop (now at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), the soloists and the spectacular Colorado Orchestra create a musical experience that paints vivid pictures of intimate jazz clubs and glamorous dance floors. The Denver
Composer: Mark O'Connor
Conductor: Marin Alsop