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Inon Barnatan - DARKNESSE VISIBLE: Fantasy on Peter Grimes
Seeded by inonbarnatan on 6 Apr 2012
Author: fidelio567
Darknesse Visible a new recording by pianist Inon Barnatan (Avie Records) brings together colorful works by British and French composers which are inspired by literature and evocatively explore the interconnection of darkness and light. To further illustrate the themes of the works, Inon collaborated with videographer Tristan Cook and artist Zack Smithey on a series of short video vignettes. in 1971, British composer Ronald Stevenson created a short, compelling fantasy on themes from Britten's masterful opera, "Peter Grimes." The opera contains the story of Peter Grimes, an English fisherman who is driven to suicide after two of his apprentices die in mysterious circumstances. Britten explores the dark side of Man, the frightening certainty with which Grimes's fellow villagers turn against him and their relentlessness in pursuing him to his end. Selection from "Fantasy on Peter Grimes" performed by Inon Barnatan ( Art by Zack Smithey (