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Inon Barnatan - DARKNESSE VISIBLE: Scarbo
Seeded by inonbarnatan on 9 May 2012
Author: fidelio567
Darknesse Visible a new recording by pianist Inon Barnatan (Avie Records) brings together colorful works by British and French composers which are inspired by literature and evocatively explore the interconnection of darkness and light. To further illustrate the themes of the works, Inon collaborated with videographer Tristan Cook and artist Zack Smithey on a series of short video vignettes. In "Scarbo", the third poem from Ravel's" Gaspard de la Nuit", a gnome haunts the sleep of the narrator. He shrinks and grows at will, dances and jumps around the room, fades in and out of vision, and finally disappears into thin air. Ravel's Scarbo is significantly more devilish and frightening than Bertrand's, and brings to mind such characters as Faust's Mephistopheles and Schubert's Erlk├Ânig. There are echoes of Spanish dances, so characteristic of Ravel's music, and even hints of a delirious waltz. Performed by Inon Barnatan ( Art by Zack Smithey (www.zacksmithey.
Work: Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit
Artist: Inon Barnatan
Period: 20th Century