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Bach Partita C Minor BWV 826 on Bosendorfer Imperial 290
Seeded by jorgeliebermannjx on 30 May 2012
Author: ValentinaLisitsa
Ok , I have been getting too many questions lately asking if I ever play any Bach . Here is my small token of proof :-) Do I pass ??? LOL I really wish to play more Bach ( making recording is the whole different story , I will wait few more years before doing that ) and when all the anniversaries shall pass ( 2012? I guess) and no presenter will DEMAND to have all Chopin or all Liszt -- then I will get back to staples :-) This a surveillance tape ( hey, don't laugh -- I am serious, the concert is in a church and the video is taken off closed circuit TV , not exactly HD image and some really rough transitions ) so don't judge it too harshly. The piano is a lovely -- and very friendly - Bosendorfer Imperial that was sitting unused for many years.. Somebody msut have donated it ... It was sooooooo happy to play with me ;-) BTW , this is my first public performance of this Partita!