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Official Release Party at Royal Albert Hall, Valentina Lisitsa
Seeded by jorgeliebermannjx on 30 May 2012
Author: ValentinaLisitsa
Talking about a grossly, hugely, blatantly misleading title :-) I am learning PR tricks, don't I? Anyway, last few weeks have been somewhat stressful , and so were last two months etc... Now , the countdown to RAH recital truly begins. Remember, it's June 19th. I was asked to do an official interview , promo clips etc.... See for yourself what came out of it. The bug was found scavenging on the tray of yummy leftovers. The tray was under the dressing room door that said "Russel Crowe".OMG !!!!!!! Which makes this bug fully qualified to anchor TV programs like "Inside Hollywood" or even, ahem , "View" ! LOL
Presenter: Jorge Liebermann