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A White-flanked Chatterbox
Seeded by musicavitale on 25 Jul 2012
Author: Elena Vizuet
An excerpt from choral concerto "Pushkin's Wreath" by Georgy Sviridov performed by Musica Vitale. Translation: Hopping back and forth at my gate, a magpie, that white-flanked chatterbox, foretells that I am going to have guests. I hear bells' fantastic sound; scarlet rays of sun light up the silver blanket of snow. There is a ringing of sleigh-bells, beating of drums, and folks' gathering! They stare at the gypsy girl, who dances, loudly beating the drum, waving her kerchief and resonantly singing: "I am a songbird, I am a singer, I am a first --rate fortuneteller! Take me along, race with all your might with me by your side!"
Work: Sviridov: Choral Concerto Pushkin's Wreath
Composer: Georgy Sviridov
Conductor: Elena Vizuet
Ensemble: Musica Vitale
Form/Genre: Chorus
Period: 20th Century