API 1.0 Version 2.0 (private beta)
Warning: Version 1.0 will be deprecated in favor of Version 2.0
Getting Started

In order to use the InstantEncore API you will need an API Key to authenticate your request and identify your content. To obtain an API Key:

  1. Sign up for a Partner Account if you have not already done so. Sign up now
  2. To obtain an API Key you must subscribe to the WekKit Pro Service. To get WebKit Pro, go to your Control Panel and choose WebKit Pro from the Premium Services section.
  3. Once you have WebKit Pro you can get your API Key at anytime by clicking API in the menu on the left of the WebKit section.

Once you have a key you may begin to use the API. Use the menu on the left to browse the available methods and see examples of requests and responses.

If you'd like a temporary key to test out the API please contact us at support@instantencore.com.