API 1.0 Version 2.0 (private beta)
Warning: Version 1.0 will be deprecated in favor of Version 2.0
Using the API

To access information using the InstantEncore API you must form REST urls and then process the XML returned by InstantEncore. Instructions on making requests and reading responses are below. For more information about specific methods and return objects please see the menu on the left.


All requests are made using REST urls in the following form:


The request url is made up of the following parts:

Root https://instantencore.com/api/1.0/? All requests begin with the API root.
Method Name method=xxxxxx The name of the method to call. For a complete list of methods see the menu on the left.
API Key api-key=xxxxxx Your API key which authenticates the call.
Method Arguments argument1=xxxxx See the details of each method for specific information on the required and optional arguments for each call.

All calls to the API are answered with XML. Each response is wrapped in an ieapi element with a status attribute. The value of the status attribute will be either ok or failed.

<ieapi status="ok">

For details on the specific XML returned by each method please see the method details using the menu on the left.


If there was an error with the request the response will include an error code and specific message.

<ieapi status="failed">
  <error code="1">Error message</error>

Errors Codes:

  • 0 - Unknown Error
  • 1 - Invalid API Key
  • 2 - Invalid Method
  • 3 - Invalid Argument